Story Behind the Lens

This photo was taken on probably one of the coldest days it could have been taken on. I mean just imagine it, there is still snow on the ground. I’m placing my camera (because I didn’t have a tripod on me) on a rusty oil barrel with ice stabilizing the camera for the shot. And the wind! The wind was blowing my hair to the point where I was chattering my teeth completely!

The Technique

Honestly, when I first took this photo I had to continue to play around with the settings to get the photo to ‘work’ with what I had in front of me. Below are a couple of the first shots which first came out. I started with a regular shot to work on the lights in the city, and then I played around with the HDR mode on the Canon 5D Mark III.

But this is an excellent example of a long exposure HDR. You are able to take an HDR on your cell phone now, but you can’t toy with the settings too much for this photo. I basically kept the ISO as low as I possibly could get it (ISO 100) and I adjusted the shutter speed a couple of times to get the clarity in the lights on the sky scrapers… that was the hardest part. What I mean by adjusted the shutter speed is I adjusted both for a longer and shorter exposure, but when looking at all the photos you can see how the lights began to ‘dance’. But after that it was more just setting the camera and then watching as it compiled the HDR all on its own.

Pretty Easy!


In terms of post processing for the photo, I wanted to bring down the skyscraper lights even more, and then create more contrast between the glassy water and the city itself. This was all done in Lightroom, and I’ll reveal that at a later time.


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