A Polymath’s Prowess

I finished a book up on Leonardo Da Vinci a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to try and imbue some of the wisdom which I collected, and in what better way than to show you a photo which really captures what it truly means to be a polymaths.

The Definition of a Polymath is: a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning.

This leads us to a can of worms, which we can spend forever on talking about…¬†at another time.

Story Behind the Lens

This foggy photo is one of a kind, and will only happen on the strangest of days. These are the days which photographers on Nat Geo regularly capture, but the story behind the photo, revealing the phenomenon is what really plays to the audience’s attention.

You want to know don’t you? How this happened?

The night before, it snowed like crazy, but the day the photo was taken (around 3 PM) it was above freezing, it was actually quite warm. Meaning the snow was going to melt, and turn into fog. Well, there are actually three types of fog and this type of fog is called advection fog – where warm air passes over a cold surface.

Where does being a polymath come in?

The interesting thing is, when it came to taking this photo, I planned it. Myself. This photo was taken after work and I knew it was going to be foggy because of the air warmth, but how?

Being a pilot.

During training for learning how to be a pilot, you need to learn about the types of fog and what they ‘look like’. Because paying attention to these ‘details’ is what saves you in the air.

When it comes to photography, you must think about it in the same way, predict the way you want your photo to be and have it lined out before you arrive at the venue. This will give you the breathing room to work your ‘magic’ but will also give you the structure necessary to get the job done.


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