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A Jaunt with Steel Wool

Jaunt with Steel Wool Behind the Lens This series of photos is pretty cool to me. It was something I wasn't too experienced at, and I was curious to see how the photos were going to turn out in the blue hour. First shot I just wanted to see what it would be like to do the technique, wasn't really

A Jaunt with Steel Wool 2018-05-11T09:59:22+00:00

A Polymath’s Prowess

A Polymath's Prowess I finished a book up on Leonardo Da Vinci a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to try and imbue some of the wisdom which I collected, and in what better way than to show you a photo which really captures what it truly means to be a polymaths. The Definition of a Polymath is: a person of wide-ranging knowledge

A Polymath’s Prowess 2018-04-21T09:30:20+00:00

Sourcing New Content so Instagram Spurs Creativity

In response to Joe Shutter's "Instagram Kills Creativity" If you don't know who Joe Shutter is, he is a phenomenal photographer in Iceland currently from Great Britain. His website is here. I found him through Instagram, and have just been fascinated with his work. He gives photo tours in Iceland, and I am going to have to forewarn you Joe, you can add me to

Sourcing New Content so Instagram Spurs Creativity 2018-04-08T09:19:37+00:00

Look at that Depth!

Story Behind the Lens This photo was taken while on the mountain skiing this past winter in St. Moritz. My ski instructor inevitably was telling my sister not to stop where she stopped, and would ski right on past me. The sky opened up for the first time in three days, and I wanted to capture the clouds. I was going to make it

Look at that Depth! 2018-04-02T16:23:03+00:00

Swiss Mountains

Story Behind the Lens The scenery was just perfect! Absolutely breathtaking, and I wanted to capture every single moment on the trip. My mother and father surprised both my sister and I by following through on a New Year’s Goal we all made the previous year on out family ski trip in Colorado. We all wanted to go back to Switzerland to experience our

Swiss Mountains 2018-04-02T16:00:18+00:00

Toronto Skyline from Billy Bishop Airport

Story Behind the Lens This photo was taken on probably one of the coldest days it could have been taken on. I mean just imagine it, there is still snow on the ground. I’m placing my camera (because I didn’t have a tripod on me) on a rusty oil barrel with ice stabilizing the camera for the shot. And the wind! The wind was

Toronto Skyline from Billy Bishop Airport 2018-04-08T07:02:33+00:00

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